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CloudBees Pollinates HP Cloud Services

Java application deployment directly onto OpenStack-based HP cloud

May 15, 2012
Dr. Dobb's
by Adrian Bridgwater

The CloudBees Java PaaS is now available on HP Cloud Services. With this announcement, Agile development shops are encouraged to consider the CloudBees-hosted Jenkins continuous integration service to drive applications through a “continuous delivery” channel to the point at which they are staged/hosted on HP’s public cloud.

CloudBees has promised end-to-end application development services — from build and test, to the deploy and manage stages of application delivery — plus options to utilize the integrated services available from the company’s own partner ecosystem.

“CloudBees AnyCloud offers a very different approach for deployment, managing the PaaS software stack remotely across environments. This approach eliminates the burden faced by data center operators in installing, updating, and maintaining a complex stack of middleware,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO, CloudBees.

AnyCloud is positioned as a flexible route to application deployment. In addition to the HP Cloud Services offering, additional AnyCloud deployment options include Amazon Web Services (AWS), third-party hosters such as OVH, and on-premise enterprise data centers.

“If you are not consuming a service, you are not really simplifying your operations and reducing costs and, therefore, not taking advantage of the full benefit offered by the cloud. Our partnership with HP addresses just that — giving PaaS users the freedom of deployment choice, including on-premise, while still benefiting from a true service offering,” added Labourey.

CloudBees Pollinates HP Cloud Services

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