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CloudBees Now Buzzes With AnyCloud

February 16, 2012
by Mike Barton

CloudBees today launched AnyCloud, which allows applications to be deployed across nearly any data center environment.

AnyCloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) based on Java, which allows it to work across a wide variety of environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, hosted data center providers, as well as with on-premise enterprise data centers, the company said on Tuesday.

The company says its platform-independent approach serves a growing need. “Forrester surveys show that 29% of enterprise Infrastructure and Operations teams are putting a high or critical priority on building a private cloud this year. But there’s a catch: Most aren’t operationally prepared to run a cloud, nor are they thinking through the operational implications of what this even means.”

CloudBees says AnyCloud (see the company’s white paper) removes the burden. “Gone are the days of losing track of all the cloud applications running in different locations. AnyCloud offers the ability to manage all applications from a single point of control, ensuring a high level of visibility and quality of service,” the company said.

Another benefit is that the platform allows service to be delivered from a specific geographic location. “Enterprises want to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, but sometimes regulatory or company policies dictate how they are able to deploy applications in the cloud. In some cases, a production application can run on public infrastructure located anywhere. Whereas, others must be deployed to a specific destination based on government requirements or company policies,” the company said in a release.

CloudBees competes with Red Hat’s OpenShift and Cloud Foundry, as well as with Java-based middleware from Oracle and others, the company said.

Have your say: Is this sort of cloud platform independence something you were waiting for? Is there anything holding you back from the cloud now?

CloudBees Now Buzzes With AnyCloud

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