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Care.com: Working Mommy Myth- They're Unhappy

February 28, 2012
by Eve Tahmincioglu

There’s a dirty little secret working mothers have been keeping: They’re happy.

A new study found that nearly eight out of ten employed mothers are enjoying being a working parent. So much for the endless talk about working mommy guilt, the mommy track and overloaded mommies.

According to a poll by Care.com, an online caregiver resource, 78 percent of working mothers say they take pleasure in the daily grind; and 50 percent said that their own career serves as a great example for their kids.

“Most love being a great role model for their children and many feel more creative and motivated as a working-parent and even feel they add a better perspective at their jobs now that they are moms,” said Katie Bugbee, managing editor of Care.com, which polled 1,000 women with children under 18 last month. (There were about 20 million working mothers with kids under 18 in the United States last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

In more working mommy good news, the study also found that toiling moms seem to be finding the support they need at home; and they have big plans for their career futures.

The study found:

  77 percent have a spouse or partner who participates in raising the kids.
  89 percent said their significant other supported their career goals.
  64 percent said they feel work demands don’t interfere with their ability to be a good parent.
  58 percent have a goal to move higher in the professional ranks.
  78 percent said they don’t feel they were passed over for a promotion due to lack of work commitment.
  And 29 percent actually said they fee more productive after becoming a parent.

The findings weren’t all rosy, especially when it comes to childcare.

The study found that nearly three out of four companies where the working moms were employed did not offer childcare benefits. And about 39 percent had to miss work during the year because of childcare issues.

“This survey makes it clear that much still needs to be done in the workplace to support them in motherhood,” Bugbee said.

Care.com: Working Mommy Myth- They're Unhappy

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