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Cadgroup and Panzura Partner to Solve Critical AEC Collaboration Issues

April 28, 2014
Press Release

Cadgroup Australia, an Autodesk Platinum partner today announced that it has partnered with Panzura, a provider of global locking file systems, to address the critical need for cross-site CAD and BIM (Building Information Modelling) collaboration within the AEC industry.

Several concurrent trends have prompted the demand for sophisticated, cloud-based global file systems amongst Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals. As teams within the industry are increasingly geographically dispersed and new compliance mandates and regulations are requiring the use of highly evolved solutions such as BIM the need for advanced data storage, sharing and management capabilities has grown exponentially.

The Panzura global file system provides enterprise-class data services that include networking, security and storage solutions. Regardless of the project size or scope, Panzura's global file system provides geographically distributed enterprises with a common view of files across all locations, accessible anytime, anywhere. This provides end-users with a significantly improved global user experience, reduced local provisioning and streamlined IT operations.

Through this partnership, Cadgroup along with Panzura will continue to streamline the project delivery process, allowing AEC organizations to overcome the challenges associated with access to large distributed data stores including Building Information Models:

        --  Solving the 'File Open Problem' - The time it takes to open, transfer,
            close and save project files for programs such as Revit, AutoCAD and
            Civil 3D is a major concern for AECO professions. Panzura solves the
            'File Open Problem' by reducing latency, in some cases slashing file
            open times from 20 minutes to 10 seconds, effectively increasing
            productivity and performance.
        --  Centralizing Storage - With file counts growing, there is need for
            high performing storage management solutions. Panzura's global file
            system provides firms the ability to securely manage and transfer
            enormous volumes of data across dispersed sites, providing seamless
            access to all.
        --  Delivering A Consistent User Experience - While AECO teams may be
            globally dispersed, it is critical for all parties involved to work as
            if they are local. Panzura provides a consistent experience for global
            users requiring only a Windows server and a Panzura Cloud Controller
            at each remote office.
        --  Improving Existing Workflows - Sharing across offices can be
            problematic, oftentimes leading to storage silos and localized project
            management. Panzura's approach to centralized storage allows firms to
            enhance global user performance by reducing siloed and time-consuming

At Cadgroup we deliver our customers the best possible services and support to improve processes throughout a project however without the proper infrastructure and data storage systems productivity and performance can easily be hindered. Panzura addresses key issues such as latency while improving work share. We are very excited to be partnering with Panzura to provide a sophisticated, cloud-based data management solution to our customers. - John Ayre, Managing Director, Cadgroup Australia

Customers want a single trusted advisor like Cadgroup for all things BIM: design, implementation, training and support. Panzura is thrilled to partner with Cadgroup and have our global file system provide cross-site BIM collaboration to Cadgroup's stable of services. The combination of Panzura's patented file locking technology and Cadgroup's industry expertise finally enables BIM users at distributed locations to collaborate as if they're sitting next to each other. - Barry Phillips, Chief Marketing Officer, Panzura

For additional information, please contact Cadgroup.

Cadgroup and Panzura Partner to Solve Critical AEC Collaboration Issues

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