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Acacia has assembled a world class team of innovative engineers and scientists with extensive experience to design, develop, test and deploy a uniquely competitive solution for long haul, regional and metro applications.

Adelphic www.adelphic.com

Adelphic Mobile enables the buying and selling of targeted mobile media at scale through its powerful and intelligent Predictive Data Platform.

Affirmed Networks
Affirmed Networks www.affirmednetworks.com

Affirmed Networks is an exciting new company located in the Boston area developing new technologies for the wireless industry.


Aibang.com is the leading local search service provider in China.

Airvana, Inc.
Airvana, Inc. www.airvana.com

Airvana provides network infrastructure products used by wireless operators to deliver mobile broadband service.


Akorri Networks, Inc.
Akorri Networks, Inc. www.akorri.com

Akorri develops performance, analytics, and capacity management software to manage the virtualized data center.

Almond Systems
Almond Systems almond-systems.com

Discover heathy food in a way that creates positive, lasting, health and lifestyle change.

Alteon WebSystems, Inc.
Alteon WebSystems, Inc. www.nortel.com

Alteon WebSystems developed gigabit ethernet switches that delivered the end-to-end performance and QoS intelligence required for multimedia intranets.

Acquired by Nortel Networks

Ambarella www.ambarella.com

Ambarella is the technology leader in low-power, high-definition video compression and image processing semiconductors.


American Internet Corp.
American Internet Corp. www.cisco.com

American Internet Corporation was a leading provider of software solutions for IP address management and Internet access.

Acquired by Cisco Systems

Anjuke.com shanghai.anjuke.com

Anjuke is China’s leading Internet-based real estate information system provider.

ApartmentList www.apartmentlist.com

ApartmentList.com is the web’s fastest growing apartment search site. We consolidate millions of listings from hundreds of sources, all searchable on an intuitive map-based interface.

Apollo Computer
Apollo Computer

Apollo Computer developed and manufactured network workstations including the first graphical workstations in the 1980s.

Acquired by HP

AppIQ, Inc.
AppIQ, Inc. www.hp.com

AppIQ provided software solutions for storage area network management and storage resource management.

Acquired by HP

Apple Computer
Apple Computer www.apple.com

Apple produces personal computers and computing devices for consumers and enterprieses.


Applied MicroCircuits Corp.
Applied MicroCircuits Corp. www.amcc.com

Energy efficient, sustainable solutions to process, transport, and store information for the next generation of internet data center and carrier central office. High-speed signal processing, IP and Ethernet packet processing, and storage controllers and processors.


Applix, Inc.
Applix, Inc. www.cognos.com

Applix was the provider of a business analytics platform, allowing enterprise users to access, manage, analyze data from various database inputs.



The mission of Aquto is to change the mobile industry when it comes to how mobile broadband is bought, managed, and distributed.

Argon Networks, Inc.
Argon Networks, Inc. w1.siemens.com

Argon Networks developed hardware and software for Internet backbone providers.

Acquired by Siemens

Arris Networks Inc
Arris Networks Inc

Arris Networks built wide area networking (WAN) devices for the Internet.

Acquired by Cascade Communications

ArrowPoint Communications, Inc.
ArrowPoint Communications, Inc. www.cisco.com

ArrowPoint Communications manufactured intelligent Web switches for managing e-commerce transactions and the delivery of Web content in real time.

Acquired by Cisco Systems

Arroyo Video Solutions, Inc.
Arroyo Video Solutions, Inc.

Arroyo created software to assist network operators and service providers deliver personalized entertainment content.

Acquired by Cisco Systems

Aruba Networks
Aruba Networks www.arubanetworks.com

Aruba Networks delivers an enterprise mobility solution that enables secure access to data, voice and video applications across wireless and wireline enterprise networks.


Aspect Telecommunications Corp.
Aspect Telecommunications Corp.

Aspect Telecommunications developed applications to manage communications across various business units, such as customer service and sales.


Atria Software Inc
Atria Software Inc

Atria offered tools to assist the software development process and simplify software maintenance.


Aylus Networks, Inc.
Aylus Networks, Inc. www.aylus.com

Aylus offers live streaming video capabilites on mobile phones, either from phone-to-phone or phone-to-web.

BabyTree www.babytree.com

BabyTree is China’s leading online community for new parents.

BancTec, Inc.
BancTec, Inc. www.banctec.com

BancTec offers solutions for the financial transaction marketplace, such as payment processing, document processing, and business process management.

Be Free, Inc.
Be Free, Inc.

Be Free allowed online merchants to promote their products and services across the web on a pay-per-performance basis.


Beyond, Inc.
Beyond, Inc.

Beyond developed enterprise e-mail software solutions to automate and track workflow across organizations.

Acquired by Novell


BlueMartini developed software to support e-commerce, call center, and CRM applications.


Bolt, Beranek and Newman
Bolt, Beranek and Newman

Bolt, Beranek and Newman provides various technology research and development services, and was a pioneer in researching packet-switching technologies. (Now doing business as BBN Technologies.)

Bridge Communications Inc
Bridge Communications Inc

Bridge Communications developed and manufactured network system products.


Broadband Access Systems, Inc.
Broadband Access Systems, Inc.

Broadband Access Systems built switching, broadband access, and telephony systems for delivering high-quality voice, data, and video communications solutions to cable companies and other carriers.

Acquired by ADC

Businessland, Inc
Businessland, Inc

Businessland was an early retailer of personal computers.

Acquired by JWP

Bytex Corp.
Bytex Corp.

Bytex manufactures fault-tolerant network switching systems for datacomm networks.


Cadia Networks, Inc.
Cadia Networks, Inc.

Cadia Networks developed multi-service wide-area networks (WAN) adaption products and concentration technology for providers of telecommunications.

Acquired by FORE Systems

Cadnetix Corp.
Cadnetix Corp.

Cadnetix developed CAD and CAE systems for the electronics industry.


Camiant, Inc.
Camiant, Inc. www.camiant.com

Camiant’s policy control solution empowers broadband service providers to open their networks and deliver a significantly higher quality of service to subscribers by guaranteeing superior performance of rich, high-bandwidth services such as video, streaming media, online games and commercial services.

Acquired by Tekelec

Carbon Design

Carbon Design offers a system validation solution for complex system-on-chip designs, to allow for architectural analysis and pre-silicon hardware/software validation.

Care.com www.care.com

Care.com is a subscription-based marketplace for all type of care services, such as child care, pet care, and housekeeping.

Nasdaq: CRCM

Cascade Communications Corp.
Cascade Communications Corp. www.cascadecomm.com

Cascade Communications builds high performance, multi-service wide area network switches for public and private network operators.


Centrum Communications Inc
Centrum Communications Inc

Centrum Communications developed remote access servers which access local area networks (LANs) via a Public Switched Telephone Network. 

Acquired by 3com

Cimaron Communications Corporation
Cimaron Communications Corporation www.amcc.com

Cimaron designed and marketed complex Intellectual Property (IP) cores for the telecommunications industry. Focused on high-end SONET Framers and Utopia interfaces for LAN/WAN data-communication applications.

Acquired by Applied Micro Circuits


"Who's Around You" - Know when your friends & networks are nearby, wherever you are, no matter where you go.

Clarify, Inc.
Clarify, Inc.

Clarify developed software to automate business functions such as customer service and customer information management.

Acquired by Nortel Networks

CloudBees www.cloudbees.com

Cloud Bees, Inc.'s vision is to provide the leading Java Platform as a Service for both enterprises and ISVs, from development to production.

Cloudswitch, Inc.
Cloudswitch, Inc. www.cloudswitch.com

CloudSwitch, still in stealth mode, will bring cloud computing capabilites to the enterprise in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

Acquired by Verizon

Communications Equipment Corp
Communications Equipment Corp

Communications Equipment Corp. built wide area network switching systems based on fast packet technology for T1 bandwidth, matrix switching, data-PBX, and LAN functionality.

Acquired by Paradyne

Conductor www.conductor.com

Conductor offers a suite of tools for managing search engine optimization efforts.

Confer confer.net

The world's first cyberthreat prevention network.

Consera Software Corporation
Consera Software Corporation

Consera developed resource management solutions for server operations.

Acquired by HP

Copper Mountain Networks, Inc.
Copper Mountain Networks, Inc.

Copper Mountain Networks manufactures telecommunications equipment for high-speed Internet access for enterprises and consumers, based on DSL technology.



Credence developed automatic test equipment (ATE) used in the production of semiconductors.


Crossbeam Systems, Inc.
Crossbeam Systems, Inc. www.crossbeam.com

Crossbeam Systems offers The Next Generation Security Platform, which allows companies to consolidate racks of security appliances and network equipment such as switches and load balancers, virtualize the deployment and delivery of security applications, and dramatically simplify delivery of security services.

Cyphort www.cyphort.com

Cyphort is securing enterprises against cyber-attacks.


Difusion sold automated customer relationship management solutions to financial institutions.

Acquired by Vignette

Digital Fountain, Inc.
Digital Fountain, Inc. www.digitalfountain.com

Digital Fountain develops solutions for Internet video delivery, specializing in maintaining high quality streams in challenging network environments.


Digium is the creator and owner of Asterisk, the widely used open source telephony software suite.

Diligent Technologies Corporation
Diligent Technologies Corporation

Diligent Technologies developed highly intelligent de-dupe software that allowed enterprises to back up fully de-duplicated information to disk, cutting the disk storage required for backups by a factor of 20.

Acquired by IBM

E-mu Systems, Inc
E-mu Systems, Inc

E-mu Systems manufactured digital sample-based musical instruments and audio solutions for multimedia.

Acquired by Creative Technologies

Echelon Systems Corp.
Echelon Systems Corp.

Neuron local operating networks (LON) architecture for sense, control, and communications applications as well as development tools for LON System applications.


Empirix, Inc.
Empirix, Inc. www.empirix.com

Empirix provides service providers and enterprises with end-to-end communications systems testing, monitoring, and analytics solutions.

Acquired by Thoma Bravo

Enservio www.enservio.com

Enservio, the contents company, provides web-based software and services to commercial and residential property insurance carriers and their insureds.

Epoch Systems Inc
Epoch Systems Inc

Epoch Systems developed online archive storage systems and storage management for the network computing environment. 

Acquired by MMC Corp.

eRoom Technology, Inc.
eRoom Technology, Inc.

eRoom developed online collaboration software applications and services.

Acquired by Documentum


Ezenia offers collaborative applications, including virtual conference rooms for group communications and virtual offices for shared data repositories.

Fastback Networks
Fastback Networks fastbacknetworks.com

New class of intelligent wireless transport devices.


CIM software which interacts with industrial hardware in manufacturing plants.

Acquired by Brooks Automation

FileNet Corp.
FileNet Corp.

FileNet created enterprise software to manage business processes and workflow.  Their software platform also allowed enterprises to develop custom applications.


FirstSense Software, Inc.
FirstSense Software, Inc.

FirstSense developed application management software that could identify the root cause of application performance issues.

Acquired by Concord Communications

Flatiron School
Flatiron School flatironschool.com/

Learn to build awesome things with code.  We're a school for passionate people who want to love what they do.

Fuze Network
Fuze Network www.fuzenetwork.com

Fuze Network improves collections by enabling consumers to pay bills with same-day payments.

GeoTel Communications Corp.
GeoTel Communications Corp.

Geotel Communications sold telecommunications management software to distributed call centers.


Gilt Groupe, Inc.
Gilt Groupe, Inc. www.gilt.com

Gilt is an online shopping community that provides its members with access to coveted fashion and luxury lifestyle brands at sample sale prices.

GrabCAD www.grabcad.com

GrabCAD is a services marketplace that connects manufacturing and product development companies with CAD engineers around the world. Our HQ is in Boston, MA with development teams in Estonia and Cambridge UK.

Acquired by Stratasys

Grand Junction
Grand Junction

Grand Junction manufactured high-speed fast ethernet local-area network (LANs) switches for workgroups.

Acquired by Cisco Systems


Grandis is the pioneer in the development of spin-transfer torque RAM (STTRAM), a universal and scalable memory solution.

Acquired by Samsung Electronics

HubSpot www.hubspot.com

HubSpot offers a suite of tools for Internet marketers to increase lead generation and customer conversion.



Huddle is a secure online space for people to connect, share and work together.


Hyper9 offers the first search-based approach to managing data and applications across dynamic virtual environments.

Inflection www.inflection.com

Inflection is a data and e-commerce company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company owns and operates Archives.com and PeopleSmart.com, emerging leaders in the family history and people search markets.

Intent Media
Intent Media www.intentmedia.com

Intent Media helps retailers extract both the transaction and advertising value of their traffic. We show relevant, targeted advertising on retail sites, but exclude visitors likely to buy from the site from seeing ads.


JBoss created a market-leading open source application server and associated middleware software stack.

Acquired by RedHat

Jetsetter www.jetsetter.com

Jetsetter is a community of travelers that provides members with insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacations.

JustFabulous www.justfab.com

JustFabulous has combined the extravagance of a personal shopper with the flair and sophistication of a stylist whose passion lies in the pursuit of finding you the perfect accessory.


Kalido provides data management, data warehousing, and business intelligence software to businesses and IT vendors.


The marketplace for small businesses to find suppliers and manage purchasing.


Klip takes a social approach to mobile video discovery, making it fun and easy to connect with the people and topics that most interest you.  

Koding koding.com

Web based collaborative IDE.

LAM Research Corp.
LAM Research Corp.

LAM Research provides wafer fabrication equipment and services for the semiconductor industry.


Lever lever.co

A cutting-edge hiring platform for winning the talent war.

LiveVault Corporation
LiveVault Corporation

LiveVault offers server data backup and recovery solutions for remote offices and small and medium-sized businesses.

Acquired by Iron Mountain

LNR Communications Inc
LNR Communications Inc

LNR manufactured electronic subsystems and turnkey earth stations for the satellite communication market.

Acquired by Trex Communications

Locality www.locality.com

Locality makes every service at every local business searchable online. Compare services you use in real life by price, opening hours, and reviews without having to call around or go into the store.

MarkForged markforged.com

The world's first Carbon Fiber 3D Printer.

Meteor meteor.com

Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert developer or just getting started.

Micropolis Corp
Micropolis Corp

Microplois manufactured high capacity mini floppy disk drives and 8" Winchester drives


minuteKEY www.minutekey.com

A leader in self-serve retail technologies.

Mitro www.mitro.co

Securely saves all your logins and lets you share them in your web browser.

Namely namely.com

The HR platform for companies serious about growth.

NetCore Systems, Inc.
NetCore Systems, Inc.

NetCore Systems developed data communications equipment. 

Acquired by Tellabs

Netezza Corporation
Netezza Corporation www.netezza.com

Netezza is a data warehouse appliance leader, combining storage, processing, database and analytics into a single system that delivers 10-100x the performance, at half the cost and one-third the power of other approaches.


Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.
Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.

Network Equipment Technologies develops T1 multiplexers which enable organizations to build and manage private networks that connect their voice, video, and data processing equipment at multiple locations. 


Novera Software, Inc.
Novera Software, Inc.

Novera created Java-based software products to allow developers to build networked applications.

Acquired by TSI International

Oberon Software Inc
Oberon Software Inc

Oberon provided application integration solutions that allowed enterprises  to internally connect their applications to their partners and suppliers.

Acquired by OnDisplay

Oculus VR
Oculus VR www.oculusvr.com

Immersive virtual reality technology that's wearable and affordable.

Acquired by Facebook

Office Club, Inc.
Office Club, Inc.

Office Club was a "mass merchant" retailer for office supplies and technology products.

OnDisplay, Inc.
OnDisplay, Inc.

OnDisplay offered supply chain and infrastructure management software for online marketplaces.

OnStream Networks
OnStream Networks

OnStream Networks developed and manufactured Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Multiplexers and Circuit Emulation Service (CES) solutions.

Acquired by 3COM

OpenPages www.openpages.com

OpenPages provides various compliance solutions in addition to operational and financial risk management tools.

Acquired by IBM

OpenSpan www.openspan.com

OpenSpan offers a service-oriented architechture software platform to integrate applications, service-enable legacy systems,  and automate business processes.

Openwave Systems, Inc.
Openwave Systems, Inc. www.openwave.com

Openwave offers various software products for mobile phones, including one of the earliest mobile phone web browsers.


Overland Data, Inc.
Overland Data, Inc.

Overland Data manufactures computer tape controllers and cartridge tape drives.


Panzura www.panzura.com

Delivers cloud-integrated local NAS capabilities to a globally-distributed enterprise, allowing storage capacity to be centrally located, managed, and protected.

Paradyne Corp.
Paradyne Corp.

Paradyne develops broadband network access products for network service providers (NSPs) and business customers. 


Plexxi is redefining enterprise networking for the data center.

Polyvore www.polyvore.com

Polyvore is the web’s best place to discover or start fashion trends, where you can browse and shop looks created by a global community of independent trendsetters and stylists.


PostPath offers a Linux-based email server with plug-compatibility with Microsoft Exchange.

Acquired by Cisco Systems

Poynt getpoynt.com

Introducing the world's first smart payment terminal.

Prominet Corporation
Prominet Corporation

Prominent developed and manufactured gigabit Ethernet switches.

Acquired by Lucent

PSINet, Inc.
PSINet, Inc.

PSINet was one of the earliest Internet service providers, with both commercial and residential customers.


Qihoo is a search solution provider on the mobile and internet platforms in China.

QPID Health
QPID Health www.qpidhealth.com

Electronic Health Record analytics software.


Quallaby was a developer of performance management and service assurance software.

Acquired by Micromuse

Qualtre, Inc.
Qualtre, Inc. www.qualtre.com

Qualtré is commercializing the next generation of inertial (or motion) sensors, further broadening their applicability in consumer devices like cellular handsets, personal navigation devices, and gaming controllers.


Quora connects you to everything you want to know about.

Quri quri.com

Quri is a retail intelligence and analytics company.

Red Pepper Software
Red Pepper Software

Red Pepper sold business intelligence tools for scheduling and streamlining operations to the industrial and government markets.

Acquired by PeopleSoft

Redstone Communications, Inc.
Redstone Communications, Inc.

Redstone sold a voice network product designed to lower costs for competitive local exchange carriers.

Acquired by Siemens

Relicore, Inc.
Relicore, Inc.

Relicore developed software to automate discovery, tracking, and dependency mapping for distributed application infrastructures.

Acquired by Symantec


Rendition developed and manufactured integrated 2D/3D graphics accelerators for PCs.

Acquired by Micron

Rocksbox rocksbox.com

Unlimited jewelry at your doorstep.

Salsify www.salsify.com

We created Salsify to transform the way companies manage and share e-commerce product content.


SandBurst specialized in the design and development of scalable packet switching and routing systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) that are deployed in enterprise core and metropolitan Ethernet networks.

SanDisk Corporation
SanDisk Corporation

SanDisk designs and markets many different types of flash memory, including various memory cards and a series of USB removable drives.


ShoreTel www.shoretel.com

Shoretel developed IP telephony solutions.


Sila Nanotechnologies
Sila Nanotechnologies www.silanano.com

Sila Nanotechnologies is a specialty chemicals company that develops next generation energy storage materials for Li-ion batteries.

SilverBack Technologies
SilverBack Technologies

SilverBack built tools (peripherals, devices, and applications) to allow IT service providers to remotely manage applications, systems, and networks.

Acquired by Dell

SilverStream Software, Inc.
SilverStream Software, Inc.

SilverStream created software to enable organizations to create, deploy and manage software programs for intranets, extranets and the Internet. 


SiTera Incorporated
SiTera Incorporated

SiTera designed solutions in Intelligent Network Processing for service provider, carrier edge, and large enterprise markets.

Acquired by Vitessa

Skyfire, Inc.
Skyfire, Inc. www.skyfire.com

Skyfire is the creator of a mobile phone web browser that brings the full "PC web" to mobile phones.

Acquired by Opera Software

Sonus Networks, Inc.
Sonus Networks, Inc. www.sonusnet.com

Sonus Networks creates packet-based carrier IP-voice infrastructure solutions for wireline, wireless and cable operators.


Spidercloud Wireless Inc
Spidercloud Wireless Inc www.spidercloud.com

SpiderCloud is currently in stealth mode.

Spring Tide Networks, Inc.
Spring Tide Networks, Inc.

Spring Tide Networks developed carrier-class equipment for network service providers.

Acquired by Lucent


Sqrrl is the Big Data Analytics company that lets organizations pinpoint and react to unusual activity by automatically uncovering hidden connections in their data.  Sqrrl's linked data analysis platform gives analysts a way to visually investigate these connections, allowing them to rapidly understand their surrounding contexts and take action.

Starent Networks
Starent Networks

Starent Networks develops infrastructure products and services that enable mobile operators to deliver multimedia services to their subscribers. 


Storiant www.storiant.com

Innovative data storage solutions in the cloud.

Stratus Computer
Stratus Computer

Stratus Computer is a provider of telecommunications network solutions and enterprise information systems.

SuperMac Technology Inc
SuperMac Technology Inc

SuperMac Technology provides high performance desktop color graphics systems, including graphics controller and accelerator cards, large screen color displays, and digital video cards, for desktop color publishing, business productivity, and digital video markets.


Sycamore Networks, Inc.
Sycamore Networks, Inc. www.sycamorenet.com

Sycamore Networks offers networking products and solutions that enable fixed line and mobile network operators to build agile, resilient, and scalable networks.


Tabblo, Inc.
Tabblo, Inc. www.tabbio.com

Tabblo is a powerful photo-sharing and photo-editing service catering to high-end photograhers.

Acquired by HP


Taulia’s mission is to develop simple and straightforward solutions that help SAP® customers fully realize the financial potential hidden within their supply chain.

TeaLeaf Technology, Inc.
TeaLeaf Technology, Inc. www.tealeaf.com

Tealeaf provides online customer experience management and customer behavior analysis software that allows businesses to understand how their customers interact with their web site.

Acquired by IBM

Tencor Instruments, Inc.
Tencor Instruments, Inc.

Tencor Instruments was engaged in the design, manufacture, marketing, and servicing of wafer inspection, film measurement, metrology systems yield measurement, and physical measurement standards primarily for the semiconductor industry.

Acquired by KLA Instruments

Terak Corporation
Terak Corporation

Terak was an early designer of desktop computers, offering  workstations with LSI-11 compatible processors.


Tessera Enterprise Systems Inc
Tessera Enterprise Systems Inc

Tessera provided support technologies to enterprises, such as parallel processing solutions, relational database software, and systems integration.

Acquired by iXL

The Echo Nest
The Echo Nest www.echonest.com

The Echo Nest is a music intelligence company that develops music search, personalization and interactivity applications powered by a Musical Brain.

Acquired by Spotify

TheLadders.com, Inc.
TheLadders.com, Inc. www.theladders.com

TheLadders is the world's largest online job marketplace catering only to $100k+ jobs.

Tivoli Software
Tivoli Software

Tivoli developed systems and network management software to assist enterprises with the storage, security, and monitoring functions.


TribeHR www.tribehr.com

TribeHR is designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Founded by a core team of entrepreneurs and technology experts, our primary goal is to make the field of human resources software better for you.

Acquired by NetSuite

Turnstone Systems, Inc.
Turnstone Systems, Inc.

Turnstone Systems develops loop management solutions that enable local exchange carriers to rapidly deploy and maintain Digital Subscriber Line services. 


UniDesk www.unidesk.com

Unidesk delivers virtual desktop management software that allows organizations to reduce the costs of deploying corporate desktops and applications, while enhancing user productivity.

Veritas Software, Inc.
Veritas Software, Inc.

Veritas was a developer of software products for storage management and data backup.


Veritech Microwave Inc
Veritech Microwave Inc

Veritech Microwave manufactured microwave IC components and multi-function subsystems for the Microwave and Fiber-Optic markets, and for industrial, military and commercial industries. 

Acquired by SDL

VeriVue, Inc.
VeriVue, Inc. www.verivue.com

Verivue is developing advanced networking solutions for the distribution of digital media services.

Vermeer Technologies Inc
Vermeer Technologies Inc

Vermeer was the creator of the FrontPage Web site publishing software, an early WYSIWYG software editor.

Acquired by MicroSoft

Veveo, Inc.
Veveo, Inc. corporate.veveo.net

Veveo offers mobile video products, such as vTap, a video discovery and search tool for mobile phones.

VideoIQ www.videoiq.net

VideoIQ offers intelligent, real-time video surveillance solutions that deliver early warnings of security breaches, fast appearance-match video search, and new levels of video quality, network and storage efficiency. 

VideoServer Inc
VideoServer Inc

VideoServer develops and manufactures video conferencing equipment.


Virtual Iron Software, Inc.
Virtual Iron Software, Inc. www.virtualiron.com

Virtual Iron provides server virtualization software that reduces the cost and complexity of operating and managing IT infrastructure for organizations of all sizes.

Acquired by Oracle

Vivo Software
Vivo Software

Vivo developed video-compression software products for streaming video on the Internet.

Acquired by Real Networks

Watchguard Technologies, Inc.
Watchguard Technologies, Inc. www.watchguard.com

WatchGuard developed Internet and intranet security management software applications.


Watermark Software
Watermark Software

Watemark offered image storage and processing software that integrated scanned paper documents and faxes with applications such as e-mail, databases, spreadsheets,and  accounting software.

Acquired by FileNet

Whitetree Inc
Whitetree Inc

Whitetree developed computer networking ethernet products for the desktop based on asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technology. 

Acquired by Ascend

Wildfire Communications, Inc.
Wildfire Communications, Inc.

Wildfire developed specch recognition technologies to enchance telephone, fax, and email communications.

Acquired by Orange

Winphoria Networks, Inc.
Winphoria Networks, Inc.

Winphoria offered a packet-based mobile switching solution to increase the capacity and decrease the operating costs of wireless voice networks.

Acquired by Motorola

Work4 Labs
Work4 Labs www.work4labs.com

Work4 Labs helps companies leverage social media
to find, engage, and hire top candidates.

XCOM Technologies, Inc.
XCOM Technologies, Inc.

XCOM provided technology for operating voice and data networks.

Acquired by Level3

Xign, Inc.
Xign, Inc.

Xign provided B2B on-demand financial settlement solutions.

Acquired by JP Morgan Chase

Xilinx, Inc.
Xilinx, Inc.

Xilinx is the world's largest supplier of programmable logic devices, the inventor of the field programmable gate array and the first semiconductor company with a fabless manufacturing model.



Xtalic offers unique nanostructured metal coatings that provide corrosion resistance, wear resistance and exceptional appearance across a wide range of applications, including decorative and functional metal finishing, as well as electronics. 

Xyplex Inc
Xyplex Inc

Xyplex offers communications processors for local-area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs) integrating Digital Equipment systems with systems from other manufacturers to increase the overall system performance. 


Zendesk www.zendesk.com

Web-based customer support software that provides your technicians with elegant ticket management and a self-service customer community.


ZestFinance www.zestfinance.com

ZestFinance offers fair and transparent credit alternatives to underbanked Americans who do not have access to credit from traditional lending institutions.


Leading mobile payment service used by online gaming, social networking web sites and other digital goods merchants.  Users only need a mobile phone to make a payment, providing a frictionless payment experience. Converts shoppers into buyers at rates up to 10 times greater than traditional payment methods

Acquired by PayPal