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The Smart Payment Terminal - Digital Infrastructure to Transform Local Business

Local Business is Ripe For Innovation Over the last ten years, smartphones and tablets have fundamentally changed the way most people go about their daily lives. The basic ways we communicate, navigate, work and play are dramatically different, and most would agree, dramatically better. Mainstreet, on the other hand, looks just about the same as it did one, or even two decades ago. Walk in to almost any small businesses, and you’ll encounter the same clunky, outdated payment terminal and cash register. Every so often you'll find a merchant using a touchpad POS system, and if you find a really 'cutting edge' early adopter, there will be tablets strewn across their countertops so that customers can use a new age check-in or coupon/promotion system. Read More

Our latest Cloud App Investment: Lever.  Cloud computing takes HR to new heights.

We’ve all been there. It’s two minutes before the interview starts. You quickly search for a resume, you know you saved it somewhere... and where are those notes from your colleague about this candidate? What were the outstanding questions? Read More

Welcoming Jared Fliesler to the Matrix Team

We’re incredibly excited to reveal that Jared Fliesler is joining the Matrix Partners team as a general partner in our Palo Alto office. Jared comes to Matrix from Square, where he served as Vice President of User Acquisition and Business Operations. He was also an executive and early employee at Slide, going on to run the Slide group at Google after its acquisition. Read More