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Welcoming Jared Fliesler to the Matrix Team

We’re incredibly excited to reveal that Jared Fliesler is joining the Matrix Partners team as a general partner in our Palo Alto office. Jared comes to Matrix from Square, where he served as Vice President of User Acquisition and Business Operations. He was also an executive and early employee at Slide, going on to run the Slide group at Google after its acquisition. Read More

Zendesk Announces Major Product Launch and a $60M Financing

In the face of the largest product launch in the company’s history and a sizable financing, I thought I’d share some thoughts on why we love this portfolio company and why we believe Zendesk to be one of the most important businesses to be built in this generation of SaaS companies. Read More

Work4 Labs and the next generation of recruiting

Hiring is one of the most crucial pieces in building a business. This is true for a founding team bringing on employee number one, a Fortune 500 company expanding into a new country, and everyone in between. Recruiting the right people positively impacts all aspects of business. The fact that it is a $400bn market only underscores its importance. However, recruiting and hiring techniques have not adapted as fast as potential recruits. In 2011, less than 5% of recruiting was done using social media channels, but more than 15% of time spent online was spent on social networks. Enter Work4 Labs. Read More