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Welcoming Kevin Barenblat and Mihir Shah to Matrix Partners as Entrepreneurs in Residence

Matrix is pleased to share that we have added two new stellar Entrepreneurs in Residence in our West Coast office -- Kevin Barenblat and Mihir Shah. Read More

My Move to Matrix

I’m constantly pushing and questioning myself to make sure I’m both on the right path and working towards the highest impact goals. I’ve been unbelievably fortunate and lucky to have the opportunities I have had and people around me that believe in me and help open doors. As I considered and spoke with people about what might be next over the last few months, I received a number of questions that largely boil down to the following: Square’s an incredible place with wonderful people and they’re truly trying to change the world (which I love), so why would I even think of leaving? And if I did leave, why would I go into venture?

 Read More

Welcoming Jared Fliesler to the Matrix Team

We’re incredibly excited to reveal that Jared Fliesler is joining the Matrix Partners team as a general partner in our Palo Alto office. Jared comes to Matrix from Square, where he served as Vice President of User Acquisition and Business Operations. He was also an executive and early employee at Slide, going on to run the Slide group at Google after its acquisition. Read More