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Conviction in the Face of Noise

Nine years after starting a company to make machines listen to music at MIT, Brian and Tristan are selling their company, The Echo Nest, to Spotify, the largest music streaming service in the world. It's a great day for them and the rest of the team. It's also a great day for conviction-- the quality I find most relevant for entrepreneurs whose vision is off the beaten path, but a quality often challenged by the latest fad. Read More

The Perfect Valentine

I’ve found the perfect Valentine’s gift for that geek girl in your life. Actually, it works fine for non-geeks but given that you are reading my blog, I’m pretty sure your wife or girlfriends is somewhat of a geek. Read More

In Defense of MBAs

Dan Primack at Fortune re-started a discussion around whether MBAs make good entrepreneurial founders, based on Chamath’s remarks at an HBS event. While I’ve commented on this on a Quora answer in the past, I’ll weigh in again… Read More