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That’s a Nice Little $40M eCommerce Company You Have There. Call Me When It Scales

This article was originally published on Pando.com It will surprise a lot of entrepreneurs to learn that building an e-commerce business with $10 million to $20 million in revenues is not that hard. It also surprises many to learn that it’s not actually that valuable. This is in stark contrast to, say, a SaaS business, which is very difficult to build to that level but valuable when you do. Read More

For Products, Technology Still Matters

Popular media has seriously overshot on the relative importance of marketing and design versus technology for product companies. Just spend some time perusing the usual outlets and you’ll quickly forget that startups employ technologists. Read More

Conviction in the Face of Noise

Nine years after starting a company to make machines listen to music at MIT, Brian and Tristan are selling their company, The Echo Nest, to Spotify, the largest music streaming service in the world. It's a great day for them and the rest of the team. It's also a great day for conviction-- the quality I find most relevant for entrepreneurs whose vision is off the beaten path, but a quality often challenged by the latest fad. Read More