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The Smart Payment Terminal - Digital Infrastructure to Transform Local Business

Local Business is Ripe For Innovation Over the last ten years, smartphones and tablets have fundamentally changed the way most people go about their daily lives. The basic ways we communicate, navigate, work and play are dramatically different, and most would agree, dramatically better. Mainstreet, on the other hand, looks just about the same as it did one, or even two decades ago. Walk in to almost any small businesses, and you’ll encounter the same clunky, outdated payment terminal and cash register. Every so often you'll find a merchant using a touchpad POS system, and if you find a really 'cutting edge' early adopter, there will be tablets strewn across their countertops so that customers can use a new age check-in or coupon/promotion system. Read More

2014 SaaS Survey- Insights into Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Costs

David Skok, a General Partner at Matrix Partners, is a serial entrepreneur turned VC and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs and startups. Two weeks ago, David shared on his blog, forentrepreneurs.com, the results and analysis from Part 1 of the 2014 SaaS Survey in which 300+ SaaS companies shared data on their growth and go-to-market strategies. This week, David shares results from Part 2 of the SaaS Survey, which compares application delivery methods, operational costs and gross margins, contract terms, churn rates, capital requirements and accounting methods. A few results from Part 1 and Part 2 are highlighted below, with full results available on David’s blog. Read More

Tackling Regulation: The Multi-billion Dollar Lesson I Learned the Hard Way

How should entrepreneurs (and investors) factor the risks and challenges of regulation into their decision to start a company or invest in one? It doesn’t come up very often — regulation rarely intrudes on the fate of startups. Even if you are in a regulated industry, generally you can fly below the radar for quite a while. Read More